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Brief Description

We are registered in 2012. However we started quite before to 2012.

Name of NGO Jaago Foundation(Jaago India)
Address Modi building, B-Block, Ekta Vihar colony, civil lines, Rampur.
Established in 2012
Organization Status Non–Governmental Organization
Level of Action Regional and National
Registered Under Act Indian Societies Registration Act XXI, of 1860
Registration No: 973/2004-05 of dated 30th December 2014, WithGovernment of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Founder Vijay Verma
Name of the Chief Functionary Vijay Verma (Director)

Our History

The Jaago foundation (Jaago India) was established in 2012 after the inconclusive end of India Against Corruption. The founder members of Jaago India were vital members of IAC and since then the organization has been expanding continuously in terms ofsocial development service. It has worked forthe promotion of sustainable, equitable andparticipatory development, social welfare,social justice and organic farming through:Program for social work,Human ResourcesManagement, Health service and other humanservice through awareness programs, workshops, and spreading of socially relevantknowledge, social intervention through training and field action, contribution to social andwelfare policy and program at State and National levels, over the years. Theorganization has also worked with NCOF(National Center of Organic Farming) , EFICOR (Evangelical Fellowship of India), AFC(Agriculture Finance Corporation), etc.

Our Mission

To work towards the promotion of the aims and objectives of the government, at the center and the state and its system for development of society, and in pursuance of its vision and guiding principle. The organization organize program to facilitate the development of our societies through socialwork, advocacy , spreading education, knowledge about organic farming. Its program reaches out to the larger community through extension at local and National levels.

Our Vision

To enthusiastically and religiously contribute to the social development of the communities and regions in which we operate and to be an organization that continuously update itself to the changing social conditions through infrastructural development, knowledge application, sustainable development of the society and to educate all sects of people about their rights. All of these are directed to promotion and protection of equality, social justice and human rights for all.

Aims and Objectives

  • To popularize the aims and purpose of the government and its system and to promote its program and activities amongst the mass of society within India.

  • To promote education to the marginalized people of the society, irrespective of their age, gender and relation.

  • Organize program to aim of social work, human resource management, health system, culture and support the search program. To aware people about organic farming.

Jaago India Believes

  • In the potential power of the poor and Rural people to participate actively in development initiatives within their community.

  • In equal opportunity for man and women in society irrespective of class, age, ethnic, culture or religion.

  • All Human Rights for all.

  • In freedom of expression, movement and choice by man and women alike.

  • In social harmony free from communal bias.

  • Freedom for work, education and development.

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